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We have been providing technical support to racing teams in Japan as well as in overseas countries. Not only engineers with professional knowledge on lubricants but engineers with design concepts of car parts, drivers and all the engineers who are engaged in racing world participated in development of Moty's lubricants. Many products have been developed for specific goals in many races. Products for sprint races, endurance races and races under extreme high temperature/high load conditions have been developed.

Based on the technology backed by our long experience, we have developed products to meet with every motorsport application. These are『Moty's PRODUCTS』


Adding to highly distilled base stock, we use hydrocarbon type synthetic base stock having excellent viscosity and temperature characteristics. We also use multiple ester type synthetic base stocks which have high film strength and blend them correctly based on the concept of each motor sport conditions (driving condition, type of competition etc.) together with careful consideration on chemical structure and molecular volume distribution of each base stock.


Other than strict selection of main function additive, we carefully selected such function additives that meet different aspects like heat resistance, anti-oxidation stability, anti-friction modifiers, anti-wear characteristic etc.

Selection of Moty's OILS

We have wide selection of engine oils, gear oils etc. to meet the needs from town drive cars to tuned and racing cars. So, you have to select best suited one considering following conditions:
Type of engine (design), degree of tuning (modification), oil temperature, water temperature etc.
Town drive, gymkhana, drag race, endurance race etc.

You also have to consider what kind of performance you require in selecting best suited lubricants i.e. serenity, torque feeling, quick response etc. We are continuously putting our efforts to develop better products in higher temperature resistant and longer endurance products.

For further information, please contact our technical staff.

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