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What is the goal of creating a superior lubricant?  Sometimes we get these kinds of questions.

Moty'sThere are many reasons to use lubricating oil.  It is said from the basically standpoint that machine is safely moving and rotating without any damage at the sliding surface.  Therefore the first step of the lubricating technology is to minimize failure and avoid from superficial damage.

It is interposed enough lubricating fluid between the sliding surfaces, the surfaces completely dividing into each other even under load, it can be sliding well.
Better do it under pressure in the hydraulic pump. This is the ideal way based on the lubricating theory.  However, piping and fixing of the hydraulic pump to all moving parts of machines which must be too much complicated it and the installation to all parts are unrealistic.

Fortunately,it is well known to cause hydraulic pressure on the interposed fluid as the relative motion worked at the objective surfaces. This is the same principle as plane into the air; it may generate buoyancy with their wing surface.  Kinematic pressure, the pressure generated by this relative motion has been adopted into the most of machine designing.

When we consider the lubricating, the relative velocity, the fluid viscosity and the load on them is all important parameters. The relative velocity high enough, the fluid viscosity thick enough, it can be generated enough pressure to support for the weighting load on it.  As we choose lubricant, there is the "proper viscosity" of meaning come from these stories.

However, the machine may also stop some often. It may change speed as the automobile engine does. Lubricant viscosity varies with temperature.  Loading on the friction surface will change also.  It is inevitable to be contacting at the sliding surface actually.

Thus it must be considered on the sliding surfaces to keep practically useful condition, as even cause damage as small as possible.
Therefore we must attention properly not only lubricant quality but also the side of materials and design criteria of the machine counted as the basic items such as configuration, relative velocity and so on.

As these direct contact condition, the lubricant load carrying capacity are depend on the adsorbed film strength of lubricant molecules at the sliding surface.
If the adsorbed molecules exist as of suitable solubility, it can be expected effective lubricating film formation.  Due to depend on the conditions; it can be formed strong pressure membrane by molecular adsorption.
On the other hand, at the sliding surface, for the purpose of transmission efficiency, it will have to create dare the boundary film which should not keep from slipping.

Lubricating oil additives are found by trial and error in long history of human life and some of them are produced by very clever and skilful ways. These additives have been developed by the assumption based on the petroleum distillation base oil, call after as mineral base oil, and the theoretical subject to the complex mixture solvent system.

From the view of the environmental protection, the machine is getting smaller and increasing efficiency, so then the lubricating oil has been required to lower viscosity, while to prevent against raising heat.

These trends are getting severe circumstance like to metal-metal direct contact condition at the friction surface.  There is inevitable situation to use synthetic base oil in place of or in addition to the mineral base oil in order to correspond for heat resistance of lubricating oil.

But, there are quite difference of composition and solubility between the synthetic and the conventional mineral base oil.  Besides many types of synthetic base oils are there and characterized as different solvency among them.  It should be necessary ingenuity to make appropriate additives for each of them.

Moty'sWe have been research and development based on the extensive knowledge by accumulated our predecessors in the long history of tribology work.  We correspond to the problems which our customer required us, and studying day by day from a technical review with various data again.

As we formulate lubricant, we must be investigated with deep consideration on altogether the machine design philosophy and the material compatibility.
Lubricants, materials and mechanical design to comply with all of what is great exercise machine performance.

MOTY'S is a group of young engineers took over the long history of tribology.
In-situ Observation, the actual scenes teach us.  We try always to enter the lubrication field, endeavor to know the current status; we shall provide you suitable lubricants hereafter continuingly.

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